Protection Of Historic Monuments

Regions and places are often associated with their iconic architecture and famous landmarks. Thus, historic monuments contribute to their location’s uniqueness and identity. Especially since tourism plays an important role in Ostholstein, from an economic point of view, so does the preservation of its cultural heritage.

For more than a century, the protection and preservation of architectural monuments and archaeological heritage have been important federal responsibilities. However, protection and preservation are not

tantamount to the prohibition of alterations of any kind on the objects in question. In fact, in cooperation with their owners, the administration aims to find a monument-related solution for the restoration on a case-by-case basis. Here, maintaining the unique character of a monument is a key focus.

Numerous restorations in Ostholstein are proof for the success of this approach. Recent well-known examples include “Gut Rothensande“ and the palace complex “Weißenhaus“, which have both been re-opened to tourism and whose character, in doing so, has been preserved for future generations.

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