«Vogelfluglinie», Fehmarn Sound Bridge, And Fixed Fehmarn Belt Link

The district of Ostholstein has a highly developed infra-structure. The “Vogelfluglinie” (flying bird line) – the part of the European route E 47 Lisbon/Stockholm connecting Hamburg and Copenhagen – passes right through Ostholstein and is the shortest connection to Scandinavia. This major traffic pathway has considerably influenced the dynamic development of the district, as well as the construction of the Fehmarn Sound Bridge 50 years ago, which was a quantum leap forward.
The construction of the fixed Fehmarn Belt link is meant to further enhance the benefits of a fast connection to and from Scandinavia. The 17,6 kilometres of Fehmarn Belt tunnel will shorten the travel time between Puttgarden and Rødby down to 10 minutes by car and 7 minutes by train, respectively. However, apart from merely being a fast connection between the district of Ostholstein and the Danish islands Lolland-Falster, the fixed Fehmarn Belt tunnel will also play a major role in establishing closer economic and touristic ties between the two regions.

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