Health Location Ostholstein

The district of Ostholstein is not only a very popular holiday resort, it also attracts elderly people from all over Germany. An outstanding infrastructure for health, wellness and long-term care services provides for a high standard of living. Healthcare and medical treatments are on a very high quality level.
The share of persons over 75 in the overall population is currently at 10,8 per cent, corresponding to more than 20,000 inhabitants of the district. This is the highest proportion in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. Therefore, the primary goal is to give elderly people as many options as possible to lead an independent life in their personal household. Apart from existing establishments and services offered by the diverse healthcare providers (such as medical supply stores and care services), help is also offered by the long-term care support centres. Self-determination and an extensive participation in social life do not only concern senior citizens, but are also major issues for people with special needs. In October 2016, after a two-year drafting process, the district council unanimously agreed upon the inclusion action plan „Ostholstein, erlebbar für alle“ (“Ostholstein, accessible for everybody“). Its aim is to develop Ostholstein into a region which welcomes everybody, be it as citizens, employees, guests or customers, and which allows them a barrier-free participation in social life. We consider the implementation of inclusion and accessibility a present and future task for the district and its municipalities. However, it can only be achieved as a cross-sectional task, with the committment of all political sectors and the active involvement of all local social forces as well as people with and without special needs.

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