Tasks of a district

What are the tasks of a district?

The federal state of Schleswig-Holstein consists of 11 districts, among them Ostholstein, which is one of the largest German districts at the sea.

On the one hand, a district performs tasks, which cannot be carried out by a single municipality, because of its lacking capacities. On the other hand, it deals with tasks on behalf of the state or the federal government.

The district administrator

The district administrator is elected by the district councilfor a period of eight years. He runs the administration in its own responsibility, according to the goals and principles of the district council. In addition to that, the district administrator deals with tasks, which were delegated to the district by the federal government. Apart from the president of the district, the district administrator performs representative functions as well.

The district council

All the important decisions in terms of self administrative tasks are taken by the district council, which has 61 voluntary delegates for the moment. They are elected by the eligible voters of the district for a term of five years. Currently, the following political groups are represented in the district council: CDU, SPD, GRÜNE, FDP, FWG, AfD and FREIE WÄHLER.

The president of the district

The district’s president holds at the same time the office of chairman of the district council and is elected by the latter. He chairs the council’s meetings and represents the district at public events.

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