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Information about relevant topics.


Measures for the labour market integration of refugees in Ostholstein

Recognition of foreign qualifications:

Employment Agency/Job Center:

Craft is Intercultural (Chamber of Crafts Lübeck)

Welcome Guides at the Chamber of Crafts Lübeck

Welcome Guide at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lübeck

Simply Future - Apprenticeship in Germany


Migration Advice Offers in Ostholstein

District of Ostholstein - Migration Advice Schleswig-Holstein

German Red Cross - Migration Advice Schleswig-Holstein and Migration Advice for Adult Immigrants

Deutscher Kinderschutzbund - Migration Advice Schleswig-Holstein and Migration Advice for Adult Immigrants

CJD Eutin - Youth Migration Service

IQ Network: Recognition and Qualification Advice


Schools in the District of Ostholstein

German as a Second Language Classes in Schleswig-Holstein

District Coordinators for German as a Second Language

Study in Germany - Information for Refugees 

Refugees at Universities - Programmes and Measures

University Education in Germany

University Guarantee Fund

Workbook “School in Germany“


Volunteering Portal Schleswig-Holstein

Refugee Council Schleswig-Holstein - Refugee Assistance in Practice


Contact Persons in the Municipalities

Financial Funding

         Funding Integration and Refugee Aid


Multilingual Materials for the Health Sector

Pictograms for Pharmacists

Migrants as Patients in Dental Practices

Emergency Treatment and Patient Questionnaires for Dentists

Pharmaceutical Supply in Germany

Health Guide for Asylum Seekers in Germany

Films About Health Topics

My Body in Words and Images

Specialist Information for Medical Staff

Refugees in Our Practice - Information for Doctors and Psychotherapists

Information About Vaccinations

Information Sheet for the Electronic Health Card for Beneficiaries of the AsylbLG (VIACTIV)

Contacts in Cases of Traumatization

Guide for Psychosocial Councelling

Psychosocial Centre for Refugees in Schleswig-Holstein

Guidelines for the Application for Psychotherapies for Refugees

Information About Gambling Addiction

Day Care

Day Care Centres in Ostholstein

Social Benefits

         Social Assistance Agencies

         Job Center Ostholstein

Waste Separation

         Waste Separation in Ostholstein

Public Transport




Providers of German Classes in the District of Ostholstein

German Classes in Ostholstein

Online Language Courses and Dictionaries

I Want to Learn German

A1 German Course

Integration Courses:

Additional German courses can be attended at adult education centres (Volkshochschulen).

Interpreters in Schleswig-Holstein

Database of Interpreters in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg

Officially Authorized, Appointed and Sworn-in Translators and Interpreters

Online Communication Aids

Broadcasting Fees

Information About Broadcasting Fees

Associations and Clubs

Associations and Clubs in Ostholstein

District Sports Association Ostholstein